Friday, October 2, 2009


It's October already. The restaurant opened yesterday much to the relief of the locals who haven't had a watering hole for 5 months. It's the first time in 11 years we haven't been involved and my son and his partner have done a great job.
My heart goes out to our friends in Samoa (we were there last year). After the tsunami in Thailand, warning systems have been put in place here in all beachside communities and we had our first trial two mornings ago with sirens wailing and the fire brigade shepherding people to higher ground. We are 500 metres back and about 50 metres higher than the beach so felt safe enough and only a 40 cm wave eventuated but it was a good trial mid morning on a nice day for when/if the real deal comes along.


BBC said...

I expect the downtown area here to be wiped out someday. Not that I will miss it, about the only place I go to down there is the Cornerhouse Cafe.

human being said...

seems people in any place should be on guard for some danger... sometimes they are natural... and at times they are man-made!

also thanks dear friend for dropping by and leaving those heart-warming words....

chook said...

Billy....It's funny how downtown sounds like it's the worst place in the city but it is usually hip. Does anybody ever go uptown?

HB.....on guard yes but not allowing fear to change us. I think you have a lot more to guard against in your country than mine so perhaps it's too easy for me to comment.
Heart warming words are no more than you deserve!