Thursday, January 21, 2010

Published (cringe)

Ooogh I have been published, even if I did it myself! It's nice to have done it but also a little embarrassing. I have many beautiful art books of important artists and now anyone can do it (not be important silly) so how are we going to sort the peas from the pod? Previously only artists who have made a significant impact on the art world have been printed so when you came to buying a book you only had to choose between who you like or dislike.
I only produced them for the kids for Christmas, honestly!


BBC said...

I like the natural art of nature, will post some camping pictures in the morning.

Shubhajit said...

Wow! It is a great news indeed. I can understand the embarrassment factor but the thing gives you happiness. That's enough.

The cover is very attractive.

BBC said...


Useful things are my art.

Jim Serrett said...

With all the avenues to self publish today, there has certainly been a flood of artist doing so.
Which I think is just great, it is no different then having a blog or website to share your ideas and artwork.

I actually like the idea of having a catalog of work in book form for sale to the public, especially at a gallery opening if priced reasonably they seem to sell well.

So all I can say is, if you don't promote your art who will ? Congratulations and good luck with the book.

chook said... do I

Shubhajit....thanks. Yes it does give me guilty pleasure!

Jim....thanks and you are right. It is much more professional when you approach a gallery with a book in hand. It was fun putting it all together but disappointing to realise how much data has been lost.

Ma belle said...

What a great idea Dave!
I would like to purchase a book from my fave artist :)
With express mail to Europe please!! Lots of love!!

Dave said...

Hey Ma Belle, yes you are in the book and thanks to you for much of my art inspiration. I have a gold plated version ready and waiting in my suitcase!
Cyber hugs

Anonymous said...

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BBC said...

I didn’t do much of a post this morning, just some CAMPING PICTURES

Anne M. said...

This book is a good idea, Dave.
Je lui souhaite beaucoup de succès !

chook said...

Anne...thank you for wishing me great success??