Thursday, January 14, 2010


I've had a good week. Friends Jerry and Meg are taking 3 of the running men above. I sold the stone sculpture below at the Little gallery of Fine Arts as well as the painted sculpture from the Eggsentric garden. The tall figure has been sold and is going to Murawai on the West coast and my good mate Jimmy wants some sculpture at his house on Waiheke as payment for the dinghy I picked up from him.
It's either a feast or a famine!!


Jim Serrett said...

Congratulations,.. Looks like you off to a great start for 2010.

The running figures are fantastic, really like them as a group.
You always have such interesting work.


chook said...

Thanks Jim, I guess I have had an interesting life and it shows!

billie said...

Absulotly delighted for you dear man see you very soon B

chook said...

Looking forward to seeing you too.