Friday, January 29, 2010

Still Running

Installing three of my 'running men' on friends' Meg and Jerrys' garage roof


Jon Parsons said...

Cool! And it looks like your friends have a beautiful garden... a perfect home for your work...

BBC said...

There you go, fucking up nature some more with 'art'.

Stupid art at that, why don't you just make some nice benches to sit on?

You know, out of logs that still look like logs.

Shubhajit said...

Those running men are not only running, they are exhilarating while running.

Jerry said...

Hey mate! A beautiful installation!

Anonymous said...

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chook said...'s amazing how the colours on the sculptures pick up the colours in the garden so your eye roves around and integrates the peices into the view. are an old grump, haven't you got anything new to say??

Shubhajit...are they running to or from, with joy or fear a beautiful place!!

Anonymous...this is not the place for stupid money schemes, please refrain in future.