Thursday, May 22, 2008


Boo Hoo, not enough in the overnight budget from the Finance Minister for those who are struggling. It doesn't matter a damn to me, I'll make my own way no matter what the policies are but I can't help feel responsible for those on a low fixed income. The opposition, well ahead in the polls, were irresponsible in saying they would give $50 a week so dear Mr Cullen had to empty the coffers to play catch up. I don't envy the Finance Ministers' job no matter who gets in at this years election.
It doesn't help that our Australian cousins are doing well on the back of a huge mining boom and the Government is being free and easy with the money. We just can't compare our little economy with theirs.
Michele and Petra if you are out there please email me, I lost your addresses in the computer meltdown

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