Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sculpture at Lochmara Lodge

Denise has left for Australia to visit her Dad and this morning I'm off to Lochmara Lodge for their annual art retreat. They invite 15 to 20 artists, from musicians to weavers to painters to sculptors, to work in their beautiful Marlborough Sounds environment and leave the finished product for sale in the bush or gallery. The 11 acres of bush walks are already dotted with sculptures and it will be a reunion with Manuella for me, a sculpture I made 2 years ago. The opportunity to sculpt is worth it but it's also the living and working with other artists that makes the 2 weeks so valuable. I am making one of my wooden construction sculptures and so am taking all the timber and tools on a 7 hour drive, ferry trip across Cooks Strait and then boat trip to Lochmara as they don't have road access.
The things we do!

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