Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Disaster! A hardware malfunction has wiped everything off our computer and because we were slack and thought it would never happen to us, apart from some photos we have no backup.
Perhaps it 's a sign YOU ARE BECOMING TOO RELIANT ON TECHNOLOGY and although it's annoying and going to have it's problems I can't help but feel a bit lighter, as if it's a new start.
But please, all my friends out there (all 2 of you!) could you email me as I've lost all your addresses and if you value your information, back it up.
Back soon


L.M.Noonan said...

This has happened several times to me and I always start out being diligent concerning backups...then the days become weeks and then months and POOF. Another meltdown and six months gone.
Deep in the heart of my distopic heart, I do long for a world without this technology. It;s abit like wishing to be a virgin agin.

chook said...

Hi LM, you're lucky I can't remember my virginal days!
I do remember when we sold our farm and we only had a car and a trailer to our name what a wonderful feeling of freedom it was. Of course we've been accumulating madly since then.