Saturday, February 7, 2009


Two great friends called in to see me today. Both wandering free spirits who keep my feet well off the ground.

Joshua on the right from Venezuela is a spiritual brother who I connect with without the means of a cell phone (thank god!). We just seem to bump into one another when something needs to be said.

Michael from Philidelphia, a big hearted peaceful man, walks the world playing a bit of conga and telling stories.

I love them both and they gave NZ a big compliment in saying that with all the strife around the world they think NZers have the right attitude and values to be able to pull through the crisis and could even be a leading light in a new world system.

Heavy stuff. All we want to do is go sailing!


BBC said...

I always wanted to see NZ, but never will now. You have a good life it seems. Be thankful.

BBC said...

It looks like fires are sure raising hell in Australia, I'm wondering how it is where you are.

I have a blogging friend in NZ, she is dying, that is sad, she understood me.

Hopper said...

Hey Chook,

They seem like cool guys... and getting out for a sail sounds like a good plan too...

Shubhajit said...

whenever I see some wanderers I feel an inner urge...may be sooner or later I would become like a wanderer on the face of this world. your friends are living life not just wasting energy to conceptualize it.

External factors of your country are peace provoking, the landscape, people, diversity and above all climate, everything is quite cool. I can only visualise the beauty from your snaps..may be someday i would have enough grace to travel to your place.

chook said...

Billy...come on now, you are only a couple of years older than me. Never say NEVER! I understand you want to save the planet but there are ways (sailing) and means (plant a forest).
We are much different and much luckier than Australia. They do affect our weather but we are long, thin and mountainous so catch any precipitation coming. Gorgeous, warm, life giving rain is falling all over the country at the moment. Blessed be nature.
Sorry to hear about your friend but are you so misunderstood? It doesn't take too long reading your blog to see where you are coming from.

Hopper.....I love people who are not locked into 9-5 and am I irresponsible to tell my kids not to get on that bandwagon? Life is too short.
I'm still getting my head around your last post. Comment soon.

Shubhajit....I think people who are bound into their jobs resent free travellers and call them bludgers but I'll feed them and bed them and send them on their way with goodwill because they have a vision of the future.
NZ is not perfect by any means but I think our fierce independent spirit gleaned from our pioneer ancestors combined with our isolation and environment and lack of religion(church) makes us a lean, mean, machine quick on our feet and receptive to change.

Fern said...

hey chook...ze frank said he is on his way to NZ and asked where he should go..I said, visit Chook and gave him your link...