Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Music Festival

Been organising a music and wine festival for the 7th March on our outside stage. Don't know if I need any permits but I guess we will soon find out. I've booked seven acts so now have to sell enough tickets at $20 to pay for them which shouldn't be too difficult. 200 would be good.
Topping the bill is a rhythm and blues band from Tauranga called Brilleaux plus locals Soul Sax and Josh Olsen, good friends Avocado Oil, soul singer Kiri Eriwata, touring from Canada Andrew White and tabla player Subhash Gaur.
It's part of an artists open studio weekend which I am also helping to organise to keep our artists living and working on the Coromandel.
I'm good at thinking up ideas but not so good at the continual grind of keeping them running!

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