Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mamaku Project

We hosted the fabulous Mamaku Project on Friday night and they preceeded to blow the audience away with their unique blend of bohemian roots and pacifica dub. All six members are great musicians in their own right with Tui Mamaki vocals, Monsieur Escargot bass/guitar/keys, Craig Denham accordian/keys, Finn Scholes trumpet, John Ellis, saxaphone/bass clarinet and Simon Walker drums. Here is a video of their performance at the Womad festival last year.


BBC said...

I'm into country western myself, generally speaking.

Stop reading the news and look out your window. Do you see people starving or shooting one another?

Yeah, but I guess you don't because you don't read the news?

That's a great way to not see what is coming at you.

You being an exception (at least for now it seems) I'm sure that there are lots of folks in NZ that struggle.

fucoid said...

awesome. how is the boat?

chook said...

I don't mean put your head in the sand Billy but if you believe what you read and watch on the box you will think the whole world is burning. It's not.
Yes there are people here who stuggle but we have a quality of life and a 'just do it' mentality that makes it easier.
I'll always be alright, I can live on little and turn my hand to anything.

Hey fucoid, the boat motor is being looked at this week so hopefully we will be sailing soon

Shubhajit said...

Yes, its really great music..i specially like the guitar guy..the woman also shakes her waist well.

I wanted to tell something about religion but that i preserve for may future write-up...

masterymistery said...

I agree with BBC, in part. Except that there is no "should" or "must". ie if your purpose is to know what is happening, then to read or watch the news serves that purpose (to a debatably small extent.)

No-one can say to you, "you should..." or "you must..." but anyone can say to you, "if X then Y". ie, if you have purpose X then action Y will (or will not) produce the outcomes you say you seek.

masterymistery at cosmic rapture

fucoid said...

not to beat a dead horse, but it would be interesting to get perspective from some Māori people on life in NZ.

chook said... harm in reading the newspapers and watching the box as long as you know the powers that be are trying to brainwash and manipulate you. Fear is the best way to keep a people under control. America is far more fascist since 9/11. I think it's time for a new world order and the economic crash is only going to help dis-establish the status quo and focus on the individual looking after himself.

fucoid...not sure what horse you aren't flogging. The Maori perspective of course depends who you are talking to. I'm white so don't listen to me! There are some Maori people who want self government so change is not coming soon enough, others (the majority) have a great 'live for today' philosophy but unfortunately they tend to fill lower paid jobs and could be hit by the economic downturn. A good book to read is Michael Kings' The Penguin History of New Zealand. He is very sympathetic to the Maori people.