Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sailing free

I've been sailing!! Brought the new yacht down the coast from Kerikeri over 3 days, about 300kms. Little wind the first two days but a nice 15 knots to bring us home before a 40 knot storm with 200mls of rain hit us. Mate John helped me which was a bit like the blind leading the blind but we bumbled our way through it, learning as we went along. Caught tuna and kahawai on the trolling lines so it was fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yeah!!!
So Chica Bonita (lovely lady) is sitting on the mooring below the house beckoning me like a siren. Might wait until the big swell dies down before taking Denise sailing!
Photos pending (not of Denise, of the boat!)


Mona said...

My stat counter led me to your blog and thanx for finding and adding mine. I really like yr paintings and sculpture and shit that certainly is some view you have there. I have never been to NZ tho' my Dad actually worked for the NZ Shipping Co. back in the 40's and I have some good friends over there. Guess i know where i will be heading for something to eat if I ever do get across the Tasman!!!

Jo said...

I think Denise will love sailing. It must be summer down there right now -- well, early fall at least. Perfect weather for sailing!

Have fun!

chook said...

Hey Mona, your site is fantastic but I must admit it's increased my time on the computer by half an hour!! I have to get up at 5 oclock now.
I've been involved in the music scene here for 11 years as a venue and am always impressed by the quality and dedication of our kiwi musicians.
The Tasman isn't that wide, unless you are rowing it!

Jo...apart from seasickness, sharks, tipping over, confinement, small galley.... Denise will love it. Fingers crossed!

Mona said...

It was the 50's when my Dad was in the merchant navy...believe me if I had the money I would be off on a holiday!