Thursday, March 12, 2009


The joys of boating! I've spent the last three days with my head in diesel motors. Learning a lot though and better now than on the high seas. I've never owned a diesel before apart from an old truck and that never missed a beat, the boat engines (two 13hp nanni kubotas) seem simple enough. One works fine, the other is leaking oil and sea water (water pump seals) and won't run at full revs which I presume is lack of fuel.
I did some single handed sailing yesterday in 20 knots. I'm glad I fixed the auto pilot, it makes things so much easier and allowed me to catch six kahawai trolling and the dinghy and the rudder!! She sails well and seems to catch fish. Believe it or not, some boats don't!


BBC said...

Kubota makes a fine engine. Nothing cheap about repairing a diesel engine though.

You had better hope that the business holds up, or just depend on sail power.

chook said...

I will depend on sail power but in the middle of the ocean it is nice to know you have two motors to call on to get you out of trouble.