Thursday, March 19, 2009

Perfect paua pasta

So you have beaten the paua from (last post) between a tea towel and mum has told you off because it's (the towel) all black and gooey but she loves you again when you present her with a perfect paua pasta!

Slice the paua, chop some garlic, put a great knob of butter in the pan and cook stirring for around 4 minutes on high heat. NOW YOU ARE BURNING THE GARLIC, BE MORE CAREFUL. Add sea salt and fresh ground pepper, half a teaspoon of green curry paste (OK whatever you've got!), some fresh parsley and a good dollop of fresh cream. Reduce for a couple of minutes until sauce thickens and add to your favourite pasta. Don't forget to taste the damn thing and adjust the flavours.

Key...... Some - use your imagination

Knob - too embarrassed to say

Around - more or less

Dollop - enough to do the job

Don't blame me if mum is still angry!


BBC said...

I use a crock pot a lot, put any damn thing I want in it and it always turns out good.

chook said...

Perhaps you should put a few monkeys in it and see how they turn out!