Tuesday, March 24, 2009


So now I wish I had bought a monohull! I put Chica Bonita on the beach below us just after high tide, which was the easy bit, then had to scrape and polish two 36' hulls before the tide came in again. Eight hours of hard slog for a retired(tired) gentleman with little fitness. I can feel muscles I didn't know I had! She looks good though and will probably go another two knots faster
I didn't paint her bottom (although I am a painter of bottoms!) because I want to bring the colour up the bow in the outline of a woman (her name means lovely lady in Spanish) and turn her long hair into her name but I want to spend more time on the design to get it right.
We've had some great days sailing in the bay with my eldest daughter, son in law and two grandchildren who are visiting from Sydney and Denise slept on the boat for the first time and didn't feel sick which is a bonus but didn't sleep well and I woke up with bruises so it must have made me snore well (she forgot to take her ear plugs!).
I'm loving learning all the systems on board and planning improvements which will keep me off the streets for a while yet.

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