Friday, March 13, 2009

Live music

Wow! We hosted the lovely Mel Parsons last night for her first gig on a nation wide tour to celebrate the release of her debut album 'Over my shoulder'. Beautiful voice, inspired song writing and all delivered with a down to earth country girl (Westport) innocence.
Then there was her band! Keyboard, guitar, double bass and percussion, I don't know about their name (the Rhythm Kings) but they sure could play music! After Mel finished and most punters had gone home they jammed for an hour and treated us to something very special. Sometimes music just works, it can't be forced, the individuals join to become one organism ebbing and flowing between each other and we could see they loved playing music.
So lift that cold, grey day and go out and support live music at a venue near you. It'll rock your socks!

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