Saturday, August 29, 2009

Changing characters

My character in the play '12 Angry Men' is a basic working man who champions the underdog and is willing to use his fists to prove it. Simple but fair he allows other people to do his thinking for him then seizes a decision and sticks with it. I have cut my hair and am growing a beard to suit him but noticed one of the other players has a similar beard and he is a gentle sculptor who plays the saxaphone! Oh well, back to the drawing board. Only have 2 weeks before the production starts, who knows whether we will be ready.
Picking up Denise tomorrow after her 7 week sojourn in Australia, I had better clean up the place!


BBC said...

You do plays? That's interesting. I like going to them but I'm not sure I could remember my lines.

I've done some skits but that's about it. Good luck, and have fun.

chook said...

I used to do plays 40 years ago and got conned into doing this one. Learning lines with my memory was a consideration but I've found it alright and I'm enjoying the experience.