Saturday, August 1, 2009


My temporary studio at the moment and I don't mean temporarily messy! It's always like that.
I take heart from the photo (above) of Francis Bacons' studio in Dublin. Great art can come from chaos and I'm working on it (the chaos!)


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you get any art done at all with a view like that out your window, Glad you do though!

chook said...

Maybe I get art done because of it. Thanx TBone.

billie said...

I love it all the mess and green nude ,but what is she up to ? is she is a boxing ring or what ,l am perplexed ! Glad to see the portrait up and yes oh the view you lucky old codger Bx

chook said...

Or could be an iron bedhead. Whatdoyer want to know efferything for? The view is a view is a view. Don't ask ME to do a landscape. Nothing sexy about a landscape.