Sunday, August 9, 2009

Go with the wind Raeleen

Friend and fellow painter Raeleen died yesterday after a long illness which she fought tooth and nail and with great dignity and humour to the end.

You are at peace now but your colours will continue to fizz and bounce. Lost but never forgotten.


billie said...

I am realy sorry to hear about your friend ,Could you send me a link to her work I would like to see it . Your self portrait looks very interesting ,it s off to a good start I admire the work you put into it ,you must have just sooooooooo much paper thats not flesh coloured all over the floor !I am depressed now I made the mistake of showing a gallery owner my work ,she said my portraits were the best ,but that made me feel misserable because it felt like she was just trying to find something she could say that was a bit postive but basically it s rubish but how can I feel sorry for myself where your friend has lost the fight .Forgive me Bx

chook said...

What, you listened to a gallery owner?? How many times have I told you they are not the oracles they are made out to be.
Raeleen was a beacon not because she was losing the great race but because of the way she was taking part.