Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Chica Bonita has a clean bottom and I have a sore back! Checked her rudders and annodes, propellers and hull for any blemishes. She's sweet an ready for summer adventures


billie said...

Cant wait !!Bx

chook said...

Are you coming for a sail??

BBC said...

Ah, a catamaran, never been out on one but I loved the Water World movie and have watched it a few times.

Over here we can't beach boats and work on them anymore. We have to have them hauled into a marina to work on them, it's very expensive and one of the reasons I sold my 32 footer.

I had a friend that built his sailboat when he retired, and sailed all over the world on it for years, even to your country a few times.

He figured that he would die on that boat, I guess he did, we lost track of him a few years ago.

Jon said...

wow... have a good time... would love to get out on the water for a while myself... you want to make a trip to canada???

chook said...

Billy.... we aren't allowed to antifoul on the beach because it's pretty poisonous but because she is so easy to clean (every 3-4 months) I'm not going to bother painting her bottom. I love being on the water but don't know if I could live on the boat. I enjoy the land too much.

Hey Jon.... by the time I got to Canada it might be a little cool. Good to hear from you.

billie said...

you bet !!