Sunday, September 21, 2008


I saw you last night
Down by the sand and rocks
Where whirling tresses
Danced a faceless waltz
You cupped a cupid shell
To your mother
But not to me
But not to me


master mistery said...

cool poem. simple, evocative, real. BTW, thanks for your comments on Cosmic Rapture.

Shubhajit said...

evocative but i sense a little gloom in your words.

You are elder than me but in my short life span I have recognized the hard fact of life that any expectation always bring unhappiness.

chook said...

Cosmic - thanks for dropping by. BTW - bacon, tomato, worcestershire sauce?
Shubhajit - it was a sad time but it made me stronger.
I am elder but I have learnt that unhappiness after expectation is far better than regret for having no expectation.
Go get em!

Psychedelic said...

no wonder shadow is just a metaphor and self a solitary reality...

chook said...

Psychedelic - how metaphoric and how solitary? I see other shadows, does this mean I'm not alone?
Thanks for dropping by

Ben said...

Does this mean... I'm never alone, I'm alone all the time (Glycerine).
Perhaps not. Your life shines with a vivacity through your words.
by the way, i loved the "air ad". its a bit more relevant coz i am/was a copy-writer, always hunting for good creative. and this is definitely one of the best i have seen.
thanks for sharing!

chook said...

Ben - I'm sometimes a lone (wolf), rarely alone and never lonely.
Your poetry stays in my mind.
Thank you for sharing.

human being said...

this beautifully saddens me...
apart but a part... of you, eh?

chook said...

HB - lovely to hear your voice again. It was a time when I was apart from my children and I kept following little footprints in the sand.