Sunday, September 14, 2008


Your eyes shadow hollow closed
I kissed
Lips sweet memory pained
And wept
Coddled as we were in dreamtime
Far from Maughm St
In the wake sleep time of
I didn't know you
But I know you


Shubhajit said...

simple lines, extraordinary are a poet also:)

chook said...

You dare to call me a poet! The lines don't rhyme, there is no alit...arlit... repitition of a beginning sound in two or more words of a phrase (well I don't think so) and my names not Dylan Thomas (who?).
Thanks Shubhajit no one has called me a poet before.

mickey said...

i love dylan thomas.

chook said...

Mickey - you poor sad individual that your life is so empty you have to love a dead poet and a Welshman to boot.