Friday, September 12, 2008

Summer house

Our wooffer friends will be pleased to know. The bach lives on!

A bach is a summer house in NZ and ours was due for demolition but has a reprieve for a year because we can't find anywhere else to live. With a view as above it's going to be difficult to be motivated. It will be like being on holiday all the time. What's that you say? Seems like I'm on holiday all the time anyway! I'll have you know I've been overseas on business. Checking restaurants and researching live music and talking to artists about exhibitions at the Egg. It's been a hard few months.... I think I need a holiday!

Denise is off to Australia to see her Dad today and there is a bach list on the fridge.

Shore up the foundations so it doesn't shake in the wind

Paint inside and out

Lay carpet

Install a ranchslider

Change the stove

And that's only the first day. I think I'll demolish it and live in a tent!


Shubhajit said...

your journey is quite a days i am quite busy with a disgusting job thats why i wasn't able to thanks you for your comment.. i am reading your posts and find extremely readable and enjoyable. and yes, inspiring too

chook said...

Thanks for dropping by Shubhajit. It's very interesting also to read your thoughts from India.
It still amazes me that I can have conversations with like minded people a world apart.

Anonymous said...

When I'll get rich once a day I pay you off and you can built your tent wherever you like.
You could vistit me after that for a gin tonic enjoying the (my) nice view!
Cheerio, petra

chook said...

Can't get rich enough baby! You're welcome though to share the view, I don't know about the gin bottle!

Calvin said...

The Bach rules! :)
Enjoy it for one more year and try to have some fun fixing the thing.
Living in it for a whole winter must be a different experience.... there are some very small gaps between the doors and the frame.


chook said...

Hey ex wooffers, the bach is looking smart already. I've painted the roof and walls and it now snuggles into the hillside. We move up next week and try to cram a 5 bedroomed houselot into it!