Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spring has sprung

It seems while I was away sunning myself
Spring has sprung
The blossoms rum
And I go on ad nauseum
I don't feel I deserve it! Spring that is, not the going on. I know I do that. But I can't take part in conversations here. How's your winter been? Wet and cold. How's the fishing been? Couldn't launch the boat. Ran out of firewood. Grew webbed feet. Frostbitten. Blown over. You think I can tell them about an endless summer in a little red convertible! Don't think so.
So I tell them I've got no home, no job and we all sit around and have another gin and tonic and fall into deeper depression!
My dog understands though. He enjoys spring, chasing rare birds off their newly made nests and digging up the vege garden


Enemy of the Republic said...

That's right--you have spring and we have fall.

Thank you for your comment. I almost wish the entire world could take part in the election. In this case it matters, as Obama and his platform will do better for those in other countries. I fear what these warhawks who see God anointing their every bomb.

chook said...

It must be hard trying to make a difference in such a large country, I feel powerless enough in my country and we are seventy times smaller (in population).
But I am proud of our human rights history like being first in the world to give women the vote and our antiwar stance such as our nuclear ban and our refusal to send troops to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Though small we can still make a difference.
Thanks for dropping by

ginger b said...

Ok, so how about I come down there and vist from say January through March?

That wouldn't impose at all would it?

chook said...

As long as you don't vote and leave your nuclear arsenal behind you are welcome.
Why only three months?