Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why do I blog to an audience of 1.5 people

Aw come on, you're not the .5 person you are number 1. It's just a statistic. I polled the world wide audience and divided it by only the bloggers that say something important. It's not like he/her is 1/2 a person, it's just he/her (sounds like a donkey, perhaps I should poll the animal kingdom, do bats tune into broadband?) only views sometimes and I'm working hard to bring hehaw up to .75.
I know you think I'm perfect but I do have addictions. There is the world before my morning coffee (I hate it) and the world after the strong drug (it hates me). I have an addiction to being right even when I'm completely wrong. I can't believe I admitted that, perhaps the rehab is working. I am a normal sociable person drinking gin/vodka/cactus juice/meths but start me on whisky and you've got a raving lunatic on your hands.
So is blogging an addiction? Do I wake at 4 am thinking about what I'm going to write. Yes...Do I high five the cat when I get a comment. Yes... Do I actually believe it's worth reading. Yes.. (delusional as well). Do I enjoy it. No... But feel I have to = addiction.
So, dear 1.75 readers (stop press he/her has just gone up to visiting once a month) I hope my imperfections haven't put you off. My counter only goes up. If you are wavering I have a once in a life time offer... keep logging in and learn whether I wear underwear or not!!!


Calvin said...


Hi Dave, as one of the 1.5 readers i have to say: "keep going!" I like to read about the world over there.

Since i read your blog using the feed i don't visit your site very often but to keep the statistics going i'll try to read it on the site itself. Anything to help :)


Anonymous said...

Blog on you crazy blogger.
From your secret blog reader, whos favourite passtime is to write random anonymous blog replys to .. blogs
p.s BLOG

chook said...

Gerben - I'm glad you said over there and not under.
'the feed' it sounds too tecknickel for me
Love to Mirjam

Anonymous - blog, blog, blog, sounds like a frog. I knew I should have polled the animal kingdom.
You have just increased my readership 82.56%
Can you anonymously comment 100 times a day using different voices then I really will be in the big league!

mickey said...

i am less concerned with your underwear and more concerned with whether or not you have skidmarks!! lol. :)

Shubhajit said...

we need readers because we are writing for ourselves as well as for other people that's why we are using internet platform..otherwise we can write on our diary..

I always read strangers blog and ping them because i want them to sneak peek into my blog and read my thoughts..i avoid friends and known people because i want genuine review of my thoughts as the appreciation and criticism both inspires me equally...few strangers blogs are very inspiring and fun to read..

chook said...

Mickey - I know you're lying but I wear brown anyway.
Shubhajit - I think it's also a lot to do with breaking the mold of your personality and using a few swear words. Micky above is a rabid dog on his site but in reality he's probably a meek accountant!!

L.M.Noonan said...

I think that many who know me in my present incarnation would agree that I best; only half a person. Hopefully that half will boost the figures.

chook said...

Hey LM good to have you back.
I'll take any half I can get. What half would you like to be, top or bottom. I like the way your mind works, are you good at running?

transanima said...

i write because i amsick of hiding myself. i dont bother - as shubhajit does - whether people who know me will read it .. i want a genuine life. i ve lost what i loved trying to do my best. now i just want to see what happen when i stop "trying" to be and just BE. . anyway.. as You see there are more to read than 1,5 :) best wishes to all