Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And again symposium

Symposium has finished. Nice to have them, nice to see them go (not them but the dust and noise!) The quality is excellent this year but the auction was disappointing. I sold a small piece and Rika sold his. However the unsold ones stay in the garden for sale over the summer and now I have the joy of setting them in the garden which will make a total of 36 stone sculptures plus my wooden pieces. A good number!
Anna Korver won first prize of $3000 with her sculpture 'Flight' below and Tai Meuli won second of $2000 with 'Ocean Life' (can't find his image!)

Anna Korver 'Flight'

Jocelyn Pratt 'Catching Kisses' and Tui Hobson 'Bird Watch' (above)

Lauren Kitts ' The ascending ins and outs of life' and Donald Buglass ' Space-Time 4' (above)

And two of mine.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a very high standard of work ,so sorry there were not the sales you would have liked thats always a diapiontment billie

chook said...

Yeah. I mainly feel for the artists, they are so damn poor! We will see if we can sell them over the summer.

Fern said...

whoa..that last one...

yeow....um can I just say I love it.?

chook said...

Ola, you sure can. If you lived down the road I'ld give it to you.