Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

OK, I was seduced by the prize money!! But now I cringe to think I put all those baubels on my lovely treepee. Good road trip with Sam though. He drove his new (old) ute all the way to Hamilton (5 hours) without a hitch and without his father screaming. Called in to see Marion at Artspost Gallery and she will take some of my wooden sculpture for their foyer. All is not lost!


mickey said...

it's like a manger AND a tree in one. that way we can celebrate christ and paganism. which is where the tree was borrowed from by the christians. :)

chook said...

Bloody hell, I didn't think of a nativity scene inside, would have been perfect!!

mickey said...

lol, that is what i am here for my friend. ;)
i'm an idea man.