Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hamilton Exhibition

I'm stoked. My treepee won the peoples' choice award at the exhibition worth $700 worth of prizes and I conned the gallery to let me leave it on the street (above). It's a risk because it could be stolen or damaged but it's great promotion as it's the main street of Hamilton, one of our biggest cities and right next to their prestigious museum.

We also did a round trip to Tauranga to deliver the portrait I painted of Elpie for her 50th birthday on Xmas Eve. Yes that is a gorgeous single malt whiskey from her fathers' distillery at Campbelltown on the Mull of Kintyre in my arms. Fair swap!!


Shubhajit said...

My heart leaps with joy and find immense pleasure to hear your achievement… tons of congratulation… u r always energetic and believe what u do..enjoy ur single malt whiskey and wish this Xmas brings more happiness to your mind and body.

Calvin said...

Hey Dave!
That's great news! Congrats on winning this peoples' choice award.
Happy Christmas, don't throw that single malt in the eggnog! ;)


Fern said...


when art touches people, that's enough, isn't it?

but yea, prizes are cool too.

chook said...

Shubhajit...the enjoyment of the single malt WILL bring more happiness to mind and body. Thanks for your wishes and send mine.

Gerben....the eggnog gets the Mekong whiskey (same colour as the river!) that I brought back from Thailand. Happy Christmas to you and Mirjam. I'm missin your site.
The peoples choice award is ...choice. It means a lot of people enjoyed it. Could also mean that it is bland, middle of the road, not cutting edge.
No the prizes don't mean much, just a bit of fun. Hair styling for Denise (I'm past that), V8 tickets for Sam (the petrol head) and vouchers for Lilys' Powder Room which definitely sounds like me!!

mickey said...

congrats! you deserve it.

billie said...

Save some for me dave . very well done thats great news . come on dave it s good to have a bit of recogntion ,lets face it we all need it sometimes ,and dont talk yourself down !!! ha ha Bilie

chook said...

Mickey..thanks buddy

Billie...where have I heard those words before!! Save some, unheard of! When I open it I throw away the cork.

Anonymous said...


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