Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Years end

Last day of a year that has been good to me yet strangly troubled. I feel I'm at a crossroads and turning around and going down the same path is not an option.

It's a waiting game.


billie said...

l soooooooooo know how you feel is it something to do with 1948 vintage !! Bx

mastery mistery said...

same here. couldn't agree more. have you been skulking in my skul (k)? the exactness with which I share your sentiments is quite surprising. hAPPY new year !

chook said...

Billie...no it's the music in the air and we are only just being able to hear it.

Cosmic....perhaps it is a global restlessness that we can do better, starting with ourselves.
May all your experiences be new ones and have a great year.

Fern said...

onward onward onward