Sunday, December 14, 2008

Death of Honesty

It is with great regret that I announce the death of Fern. It's not a physical demise but a blog site of honesty, joy and sadness. Her site came into her family domain and she felt her honesty about her feelings compromised family relationships and so with one push of a button obliterated all that wonderful poetry and insight.
Maybe in hindsight a change of blog name might have been better Fern.
I am constantly censoring my site for family and community reasons which isn't very truthful but I think even in everyday life we censor to make our society work. The truth isn't always right.
But in saying that I've always felt I need a blog where I can be brutally honest and swear and be vindictive with no chance of damage and retaliation. I think it would tell me a lot about myself.
So I'm sorry, dear readers, if I've given you the impression that I'm a nice bloke when underneath I'm a raging psycopath and I'm sorry to lose my blog pal Fern, may she rage in peace!


Fern said...

oh me a bit choked up at my own wake there, Chook...

I'm glad to know that Santa has a bit of raging psychopath underneath. -insert knowing grin/smirk-

and thank you for this.

yea hindsight...sheesh.

chook said...

Keep in touch from the spirit world won't you Fern.
Tell me whether it's worth dying for!

mickey said...

bummer. i just started to read it and enjoyed it thoroughly.

you cussing. and this coming from the guy who told me i cuss too much. glad to hear about your psychopathology, lol. i cannot censor myself even if i tried to. i wish more people would speak freely without regard to family and community. the world would be a much better place. honesty is addictive. families need it.;)

fern consider a return.

Shubhajit said...

You have rightly said truth isn't always right. in my opinion truth is always right but it shouldn't be always revealed at very first place. For me writings are freedom...i feel little free to ejaculate some of my thoughts, why blogs? because blogs are good medium to express to someone, the mature and sensible person will rightly gain from every lines, even from the comments.
and why conscious of anyone? there is no place of conservativeness in free man..anyways, i like your blog and photos. happy Christmas in advance

chook said...

Mickey.... I think life's a waltz and you have to forgo some truth in the interests of the dance. If we knew everything of everybody I think we would crash and burn.
If someone asks "how are you?" do you proceed to tell them every little ailment and mind problem you have or do you simply say "good thanks, and you?

Shubhajit.....good point that truth doesn't have to be revealed but if your wife asks you "am I fat?" you know she is not looking for the truth.
A happy Christmas to you too.

mickey said...