Thursday, April 10, 2008

60 party

My party on the 3rd Jan? The big 60? It was a blast. Friends, family, music, whisky and food mixed together to make a memorable reunion to Chookstock 98. Daughter Shelley and I kicked the music off, then it was Ronnie and Julie (Avocado Oil), Ian Thorne, PPRS, Rick and Laura, my mostly unmusical mates with a terrible rendition of ' When I'm 64' and a grand finale of Kokomo Blues with Shona Laing.
What better way to celebrate the passing of years.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dave,

Thank you so much for the impressions of your birthday party!!!
And: nice hairdo!
I have never seen your hair before! You were always wearing hats or something artful on top.
Both impressive!
We will come to your house-warming party of the new palace you will build on the hill! Looking forward!


chook said...

Thanks Petra, my hair has never been my crowning glory perhaps that's why I cover it up. I'm growing it long at the moment and look like an aging hippy.
I long for the time when I can build the house, I haven't built one for 30 years!
Much love