Saturday, April 19, 2008

The room is small, probably a bedroom, but with no sign of a bed. A large mirror is propped against a side wall and the door at the back is open showing an unfocused interior. On a tall dresser a large, bright red paper hibiscis explodes against a calendar and combines perfectly with the slash of lipstick on the womans' face.

She sits in the foreground on a old chair which adds to the temporariness of the room in a black dress, a strap fallen? off her left shoulder exposing a breast, staring at the camera with a direct imperious gaze, her right hand flat against her stomach in a contrast of vunerability as is a lock of black hair fallen across her face.

White/black, black/black, red/black, red/white and in the background in warm sepia tones another woman completely nude sits facing away from the camera in a 'Venus' position, the bulge of her backside the ultimate in femininity.

It's a marvellous photo which gives some facts but also plenty of mysteries and the womans' gaze is so direct you want to look but you don't want to look, as if she is looking into your very soul.
I'll post it tomorrow.

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