Thursday, April 17, 2008

This photo is the one described in the post above and apologies to the photographer, I can't remember where I found it apart from it being a Danish site

My mind is in a strange state of flux. Because the customers have dried up I have this extra time I've been longing for and now I'm mooching around going from project to project wanting to get my teeth into something but not able to do it. In the half light - half waking time of dawn I come up with these marvelous ideas for my big sculpture at Lochmara and then in the hard light of day they look like impractical fantasies. Someone said begin with certainties and you'll have doubts, begin with doubts and you'll have certainties so I must have a lot of the latter coming up.
I tried the studio but it's a mess, the brushes are hard, the paint used up and the blank canvas a black hole of my ambitions. The quarry out the back is no better, the stone unyeilding and the thought of putting on all the gear and filling all my orifices with dust is decidedly unappealing. So into the wood workshop (sounds like I've got a complex doesn't it - in both senses of the word!) I go and add a few more pieces to my latest sculpture and realise the problem. It just doesn't work (yet?). I've spent weeks on it and after all that work don't want to tell myself it's shite. Keep going I say, something will come of it. I've got a crew coming today to film my work for a TV series called Coromandel Chronicles and they are going to ask to film me working - on something I don't like!
Oh well, I doubt it's a long term problem and I'm certain there will be a full page about the American primary election race in the paper today - again!- Priorities.

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