Friday, April 25, 2008

The post below is in response to a story started by Hopper and you can read the start on Omars Adventure


Hopper said...

thanks... i put through the link... hope you don't mind if i write up one of your two strands... talk to ya soon

chook said...

Of course I don't mind. Do you want me to find someone to do the other or are you happy to use one of your bloggers.
You are right with the word Maori and Once were Warriors is a good film but it depicts the urbanisation of the people and the problems they have not the general population.
As indigenous people they have a treaty to protect them which has been abused in the past but is being addressed at present with land claims and fishing rights etc.
Because of their live for the day philosophy they tend to be in low paid jobs while the ambitious pakeha (white person) is in a higher socio - economic bracket.
I'll expand a bit more on my blog.