Monday, April 28, 2008

Time to Be

A very busy few days with Anzac Day ( commemorating Australian and NZ war dead ) and school holidays but the season is finally over and we have shut the restaurant doors for five months. Th last night was filled with locals and friends and we partied till late with guitar and whisky.
It's been ten wonderful years but these last few months have been hard. To share yourself with 100 people a day is difficult. Even though they do it in the nicest possible way they all want a small part of you and I've found there is only so much to go around and close friends and family suffer because you have nothing left in the tank. I know for a while I'll be in a strange space, alone with my thoughts after being fully occupied but it's a good creative time. When my brain is jumbled I need my thoughts to come out through my fingertips to make sense of them.
I'll be back in October but because my son and his partner Paul are buying the business it will be in a limited capacity. Sculpting in the garden and cooking at night. Sounds like me!
It's raining again and 125mm is forecast by the morning but we're warm and dry and don't have to go outside apart from running the dog. Mmmm... back to my book about Arthur Boyd, Australian painter.


human being said...

hmmm this should be a turning point in your life... when we decide to change the way we live or work... seems it is a good decision to have 'time to be'
wish you the best in your life...

p.s. you are a good father...

chook said...

It is definitely a turning point. 10 years in the business and turning the big 60 has left me with a feeling of great change.
Look out, I'm a coming!!!
Sometimes I wish I could settle into my pipe and slippers but it only lasts a nano second!

human being said...