Friday, April 11, 2008

Not art again!

My art gets mostly put on hold when the cafe is open which is frustrating but strangely that seems to help the creative process. I want to be doing it so my little old mind ticks over all the time and comes up with new ideas.

The small 'vortex' above I made last year and the big one I started in November during our sculpture symposium and then ran out of the wood (macrocarpa, not a native but durable so doesn't have to be treated) and time so only completed it recently, hence the two coloured effect. I love building the big works that make people stop and stare and wonder whether I've gone mad but then they realise I've always been mad so accept what I do. The trouble is I'm seriously running out of room and so have to do the dreaded bit - selling myself!!

Anybody want a job?

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