Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Restaurant business

Slowly our staff are trickling away. Dwayne the prep chef is leaving for Hawaii today to take part in a free diving spear fishing competition and won't be back until we close. Waitress Angela from Nimbin in Australia is leaving on a road trip tomorrow to find work in Queenstown for the winter and Ashley our long serving Maitre'de, after a trip to the South Island, is going back to Canada for a while. Thank goodness for the wwoofers! Marieka is leaving soon but Jana who was prep chef before Xmas is back to join Ciera from Ireland.
As staff are such a visual part of our business it's very important that they are happy in their jobs. We want them to provide the best service but in a relaxed, fun way. Each night is different but it's like an organism, sow a bit of laughter, a bit of live music, even a bit of abuse and the atmosphere starts growing all by itself and then strangers start talking between tables and customers feel like they have come into our house as friends.
As we are in an isolated place our business is very dependent on people coming back or recommending us and around 80% of a customers fall into this catagorie so it is hard to maintain but we must be excellent all the time.

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